Lord Snitch! Ivan Rogers abandons discretion to knife Gov

The most  important quality required of any civil servant is discretion.  They are there to execute the policy of  the govoernment and must never speak out in public.  Ivan Rogers is known to be a fanatical Remainer. ivanrogersPM May has said the aim of the government is to deliver Brexit and make a success of it.  Sir Ivan was therefore surplus to requirements and resigned, but not before throwing a hissy fit, and writing and making public a catty letter that trashed the government.

Ditsey Emily Thornberry caterwauled on twitter civil servants can’t speak out in public.  As head of the Foreign Office, Boris Johnson should speak out for him. But the issue is Ivan Rogers broke the code of discretion bigtime, usual nutty logic from Lady Nugee! Shouldn’t Boris be disciplining him,  Emily?

Sir Ivan led the renegotiations for Cameron for EU reform.  Such a disaster were these, so slanted towards what suited the EU,  they eventually led to Cameron resigning.

Sir Ivan is clearly not trusted by the present government and was pushed out, because they didn’t think he would fight hard enough for Brexit.  This was confirmed today in City AM by IDS.  Now it’s obvious the decision to dump Lord Snitch was the right one.

3 responses to “Lord Snitch! Ivan Rogers abandons discretion to knife Gov

  1. We need a lot more resignations from them who want to live under a dictatorship

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