Boris Johnson – genius, bamboozler or mastermind?

An article by Cahal Milmo ( top writer of the Independent)  tries to plumb the endlessly tantalising mystery.  Is Boris Johnson a genius, is he having us on or is he the all knowing superbrain, who controls the universe?borischin

Boris used the word “pogonologically challenged” to describe the Labour Party.

Mr. Milmo said:  “… Johnson’s choice of phrase serves to highlight the continuing debate about the cascade of puns, classical references, neologisms and erudition which rolls effortlessly off the tongue of the nation’s top diplomat – and ask whether it amounts to genius, gibberish or a perilously combustible mixture of both.”

Boris is always accused of “cultivating a fake persona”,  “acting the clown” “pretending to be a buffoon”  and so on.  Some very amusing people have cultivated their humour as a defence against unbearable suffering.  Milmo quotes Professor Fielding, who points out politics is a deadly serious business, because it is all about the exercise of power.    So why should anyone endlessly joke about it?borischeeky2Buddhists believe that those who can make others laugh are the most powerful of us all.   Brilliant humour  can disarm, and defuse the most dangerous situations.

Buddhism preaches that humour is a form of teaching, because it deals with deep universal truths.  Humour is a way of expressing those truths in an enjoyable way.  Otherwise people might find them too threatening.  I believe Boris has always been instinctively aware of this.Boris Johnson’s ex school head arrested on suspicion of historical sex abuseThe more intelligent people are, the more aspects they have to their characters. That is why I have never believed any of Boris’s personas are fake.  All of them are him,  he is just being himself.

As for the famous “gaffes”, these are not gaffes at all.  Hardly anyone ever tells us the real truth.  Boris dares to do that.  It’s so unusual, that it has to be the most shocking thing of all.

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