Is May up for a fight to the finish over Brexit?

An article in the Times today by Iain Martin nails what we have all been thinking. When is Prime Minister May going to show she’s up for the fight? Show some urgency?  How long does she expect to get away with remarks like “Brexit means Brexit”, “We will get the best possible deal for Britain” and other statements of the bleeding obvious, repeated ad infinitum?mayhammond3As Home Secretary, it worked from her own point of view, for May to sit on the fence.  Her speciality was dragging issues out for so long, everybody forgot about them.  Look at the child abuse inquiry.  So many unsuitable judges have been appointed,  the inquiry has never got going, and it was first started three years ago.

May has a reputation for toughness, but this has been earned by bullying  people who can’t fight back.  The police were a favourite target.  They had to sit silently in tight lipped fury,  as May bashed them.   After too many serious injuries, they asked for water cannon and explained in detail why.  May rudely kept them waiting for 2 years and then said No.boriswatercannonEager not to upset any faction of the party in the EU Referendum, May refused to show her hand.   She managed to survive the entire battle by saying practically nothing, to the everlasting contempt of politicians who had the courage to pick a side.

You can get away with passive aggressive warfare as Home Secretary.  It takes more if you are PM.  As leader, you need vision and you need to believe!  We need a leader who believes in Brexit,  who will fight passionately to the finish to get it.

Leaving the EU is the most important issue of the 21st century for Britain. Support for Brexit is now on 54%, it is growing, not decreasing. Where is the sense of urgency?  May’s delay in signing Article 50 has already cost us billions. Is she prepared to do what she has to do and fight as she has never fought before?   Because if she is not, and she ruins Brexit, there will be no forgiveness and no hiding place.

One response to “Is May up for a fight to the finish over Brexit?

  1. People are getting sick of her tell her to get out let’s have someone who has gutz to get the job done now enough is enough.

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