How much longer is Theresa May going to block Foreign Secretary’s vital meetings?

When Donald Trump was voted in as the President Elect, it was an honour  for Britain that the first Foreign Secretary in the world to receive a phone call from the Vice President Elect Mike Pence was Boris Johnson.  In spite of his frank speaking that Russian is guilty of war crimes, Boris has also received a phone call from his opposite number in Russia, Sergey Lavrov. Mr. Lavrov recently issued an invitation for Boris to come to Russia,  a move that means vital matters will be discussed with the possibility of movement towards actions that could result in more peace in the world.  The invitation is at a date of Boris’s choosing.

It was puzzling though that Boris did not as is his habit, immediately take up the invitations.  Now the mystery is solved.  The explanation is to be found in today’s Times:

The Times said:  “Theresa May and Boris Johnson are split on how best to handle Mr Trump, with the foreign secretary frustrated at the prime minister’s cautious approach. Mr Johnson has been lobbying No 10 for permission to make contact with the Trump transition team but has been told that he must wait until Mrs May’s first meeting.”

Speed is essential, or a brilliant opportunity will be lost.  To add to the pressure, before he was given the job of US Trade Minister, billionaire Wilbur Ross pointed out that right now was a brilliant chance for other countries to steal trade from Britain!

It could not be more important to crack on and make this deal!  Surely protocol is unimportant right now because the only thing that is important is doing the deal for Britain?  Every month Mrs. May delays is costing the UK millions.   How much longer is she going to block vital meetings that could make or break Britain?

3 responses to “How much longer is Theresa May going to block Foreign Secretary’s vital meetings?

  1. I’ve said all along stitch up nothing changes a complete and utter waste of time

  2. It has to be said the uk is dragging it’s feet on not only brexit but important opportunities which will be important for the uk’s new global ventures.

  3. May is badly hurting Britain dragging her heels, delay delay delay or outright block! What is going on?

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