Turbo charged Boris Johnson meets 50 world leaders in 23 countries in 6 months

Hurling himself into the job of Foreign Secretary with his usual enthusiasm, an impressive statement by Boris Johnson reveals that since he took on the job in July, he has met 50 world leaders and visited 23  countries in six months  No-one could accuse him of lack of effort.borisfo3Boris has hit the world stage like a meteor. In his report, he says:  As we prepare to leave the EU, the message we take to the world is this: Britain remains open for business and active on the world stage. The Prime Minister has undertaken landmark visits to both India and the Gulf, and has represented the UK at the G20 in China and the UN General Assembly in New York.

The Foreign Secretary then updates us on his specific areas of responsibilities. These are:

The EU Referendum

Support for Syria and the surrounding region.

Defeating Daesh

Protecting British people abroad

Human rights and democracy

Britain on the world stage

Colombia State Visit

Promoting Britain

Boris’s refreshingly candid style might initially have raised a few eyebrows, but foreign leaders say they admire his honesty.  Even Putin, hammered for war crimes, wants to hear more about what Boris thinks. We are fortunate to have such a talented politician as Foreign Secretary, and that is no more than the truth.

3 responses to “Turbo charged Boris Johnson meets 50 world leaders in 23 countries in 6 months

  1. Well done that man, keep May and Hammond on track, get us out ASAP, no further funds to the Union, it is a busted flush!

  2. Perhaps PM may will get on with her job of getting us out of Europe end of no messing

    • Dragging things out her forte. When you are leader, you can’t do it though. People getting fedup. The Queen is also fedup, Brexit means Brexit doesn’t cut it.

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