Boris’s “gaffes” are not gaffes. Truth is the only way to change the world.

Anyone who accuses our Foreign Secretary of “gaffes” should think again.  The chances of Boris Johnson going native at the Foreign Office are zero.  Boris has the courage to tell the truth, and we are so used to seeing our politicians mouth platitudes, maybe we have lost the ability to see the value of the truth when we hear it.borisaleppoMay shouted and screamed because Boris “made a gaffe” and levelled with the Saudis over Yemen.   He had already explained in Parliament that concerns about the Saudis using undue force were being investigated.   He then firmly laid it on the line with the Saudis.  The result was that Britain received an assurance from the Saudis they would never use barrel bombs again.  They also told Mrs. May they found Boris Johnson charming and appreciated his candour.

Before the EU Referendum, President Obama visited this country and tried to bully us to stay in the EU.  Boris pointed out that the US was hugely proud of its democracy and its US law.  Obama would never sacrifice either to a foreign power, but that was precisely what he expected us to do.  Nobody else defended British Law or British sovereignty.   Obama’s comments rightly caused a huge backlash against his interference.russiaJust before the EU Referendum, Boris was attacked because sometimes he presented arguments for Remain. He was particularly slated because he said leaving the EU would be complicated, it would not be easy.  But it is his way to look at all sides of every argument.  He told us the truth, because we deserved to know that.  In the balance, the case for Brexit  overwhelmed the difficulties.

When Boris accused Russia of war crimes, they went ape and cut off communications. A few weeks later, communications were back on.  They rang him and invited him over for talks at a date of his choosing.  This is the thing.  Politicians who mouth platitudes not only aren’t respected, they are ignored.

We need politicians who fight for change, not the ones who just go through the motions, then collapse onto the sofa with a  box set and a packet of Pringles.  It is hard, it takes huge courage, but truth is the only way to change the world.

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