Merkel has been inviting jihadists into Germany in droves says terror expert

When someone declares war on you,  you don’t invite them into your country!  Chancellor Merkel has been importing jihadists into Germany in droves, more than a million migrants entered  Germany last year alone.  That’s dangerous, said Hanson,  when you know you can’t vet them and you don’t know who they are! jihadis2These were the scathing words of US counter terrorism expert Jim Hanson who bluntly told the Chancellor the terror attack was entirely her own fault.  Her obsession with open borders and her boast that Germany was wide open for refugees has practically finished her country.

German women are also being subjected to rapes and assaults in vast numbers, but Merkel’s only response has been to censor all reports on German tv and now she is threatening to sue Facebook if all reports that she does not approve of are not removed.trumpcapThe German people are clearly last in line.  EU chiefs see rapes, assaults and robberies in Europe as a necessary burden, one to be silently endured, in the name of the European project.

When Donald Trump  became President Elect, Chancellor Merkel condescendingly  lectured him on EU values. These are “democracy, freedom, respect for the right and dignity of every individual, irrespective of origin, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation or political attitude”.

The EU openly admits it despises democracy and forces its members to give it up. They then trample roughshod over members’ rights, dignity, and stitch up and lie about anyone, like Boris Johnson,who dares to stand to them.  They are profligate, extravagant and corrupt.

But hypocritical Merkel dared, with Juncker, to recite these “freedoms and values with a straight face.  They then hassled the President Elect with phone messages to speak to them immediately!  They had urgent business to discuss.

Showing huge good sense, President Elect Trump never called back.

2 responses to “Merkel has been inviting jihadists into Germany in droves says terror expert

  1. I’m sure pm may will help merkel out by taking more of them into uk

    • I am in favour of taking in refugees who are genuinely desperate, little abandoned children and interpreters who helped us in the ME and who are now in danger, but that’s all.

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