Buddhists say those who make others laugh are the most powerful people of all

Boris Johnson is sometimes criticised for being too humorous.  Buddhists love humour and believe it is one of the best forms of teaching.   Humour is a way of defusing negative emotions, while getting a difficult  point across in a manner that is both painless and unthreatening.  If the object of the joke is mature and has an open mind, joking can calm the most difficult situations.borischeeky2The eastern religions teach us how damaging it is to hang on to negative emotions, and how corrosive these emotions become if they are pent up inside.  Hate, jealousy, envy, guilt, anger, the desire for revenge – these are corrosive feelings that burn like acid within us.

The Zen website Outsider Japan says:  “While most religions have an antagonistic relationship with levity, Zen Buddhism embraces humor as an
instructional tool and mode of expressing enlightenment, or satori.

The Rinzai school of Zen teachings, the oldest Zen school in Japan, teaches that
enlightenment cannot be attained through rigorous, logical thought, but only in a sudden, transcendent understanding of the universe. In this way, achieving Zen enlightenment is something like understanding a joke.

This beautiful explanation explains how powerfully humour impacts our lives and also why humorous people, like Boris Johnson are very powerful people. The great comedians, while making us laugh, are also imparting universal truth.  They have the ability to convey their message strongly and succinctly while also sharing that most precious and enjoyable of occupations  – making people laugh.

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