Money money uber alles says Hammond, but no prosperity from EU

Philip Hammond, the most unsuitable Chancellor for the times in living memory – we need a positive, visionary Chancellor to back Brexit – is still spouting the Remain argument.  Ordinary people didn’t  back Brexit to get any poorer,  jibes our smug spiv of a Chancellor.hammondhelmetNo Mr. Hammond, they did not.  But Remainers who insisted that that money was all that mattered and relied on Planet Fear lost. We didn’t vote in the EU Referendum to have our precious democratic rights ripped away either.

After 30 years, we have lost hope that the EU will provide prosperity anyway. It has taken a disastrous turn and will mean huge suffering for the poorest.

Currencies may rise and fall and rise again. So, we believe will the economy.  But once lost, our precious rights are lost forever.  That is a lesson the British people learnt in June, and we will never ever forget it.

The ultimate irony is if we stay in the EU the policy of free movement means we will end up poorer anyway!  Free movement will inevitably lower wages.   For most people except the fat cats like Phil, that is.

Mr. Hammond is believed to be the second wealthiest minister in the Cabinet after Lord Strathclyde with  a fortune of 8.2 million.

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