Funereal Phil talking down the economy is a wrecking ball for Brexit

Why is May letting Philip Hammond ruin Brexit,  but no-one is putting the economic case for Leave? Andrew Neil on This Week, made it clear the financial case for staying in the EU is not strong.mayhammondThe economy of Italy, said Neil, has not expanded since 1999.  He also made the point that the EU is the slowest growing continent in the world, apart from Antarctica.

May’s attitude is all the more illogical because she is endlessly “slapping down” anyone who dares to give their opinion if it contradicts hers.  She tried and failed to take Boris Johnson to the cleaners over his remarks about Saudi Arabia.  His transgresson was supposed to be so dreadful, the press were full of stories he was about to get fired, or moved to another department.

But Hammond is allowed to say what he likes. He has continually called for a “soft” Brexit,  and every concession possible for Remain. mayhammond2In the Telegraph, Hammond said we probably won’t  leave until 2022.

In the Express, Hammond said financial services would be at the heart of any negotiations and it was vital we have access to the single market.

In the FT.,  Hammond backed a transitional arrangement for Brexit.

In City AM, in spite of a better than expected performance, Hammond was lugubriously downbeat before and during the Budget.

In the Indy, Hammond said that Brexit would “cast a 2 year shadow over the world economy.”

The above are just a few of the relentlessly downbeat remarks made by the Chancellor.,  Because Hammond is Chancellor, there is a danger his negative remarks are a self fulfilling prophesy.  Because bitter loser Hammond never stops talking down the economy.

Even Remain MPs think Hammond is overdoing it.  William Hague told  sepulchral Hammond You must present a positive Brexit vision!”

And apart from the portents of disaster over Brexit,no-one is allowed to point out,  as did Andrew Neil,  Remain is likely to be even more of an ultimate economic disaster than Leave. There is much good Brexit news, but oddly, Theresa never thinks to mention it.

It’s obvious what is the agenda of bitter Phil,  but the mystery is what is May’s angle? Because she insists that all Ministers must only spout the policy of the government.  Are we to assume talking down the British economy and pushing Remain, not Brexit, is government policy?  Lately, Phil Hammond has even joked he is the new government bastard.

Imagine how great it would be if we had a pro-Brexit Chancellor with vision and optimism , not this ghoulish misery, obsessed with the economy, when Brexit is about so much more than that.    He is so the wrong Chancellor for now.  He could not be worse.   May could not have made a worse choice if she had done it deliberately.

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