What is behind the constant attacks on Boris Johnson from No. 10?

Interestingly, 95% of twitter is on Boris Johnson’s side over his remarks on Saudi Arabia.  Boris spoke out in Rome last week and it is hard not to believe that Theresa May picked her time, when she publicly tried to torpedo Boris yesterday, a day before he left for Saudi Arabia on an important visit.  borisdroll11If she didn’t wish to upset the Saudis, surely it would have been better to sort things out in private?

Many of May’s attacks on Boris have been unprovoked, unpleasant personal insults, with Philip Hammond. One of May’s pleasantries was to compare Boris to a dog that might be put down.Boris was accused of “turf wars” although there weren’t any, against Fox and Davis.  Then May ratcheted up her attempts to force a row by witholding the keys of Chevening for four months, until the trustees forced her to hand them over.  Boris was always perfectly happy to share Chevening with Fox and Davis.russiaMay is endlessly trying to “slap down” Boris, even though he has been described as the most brilliant, learned Foreign Secretary since Lord Curzon.  An unpleasant pattern of behaviour has been established by May, too obvious to ignore.

It cannot have eased the situation that out of all the Foreign Ministers in the world, the first one rung by VP Elect Mike Pence was Boris.  He told Boris that Americans had been closely following Boris’s career, were hugely impressed by Brexit and admired his work.

May was eleventh in line when the Prez. Elect rang world PMs.  Their only other contact was when May rang Trump in a conversation lasting a few minutes.  Sir Malcolm Rifkind condescendingly described how May would be Trump’s Maggie who would “guide him” through difficult issues.  Right now, that doesn’t seem very likely.

In spite of his outspoken attack on Russian actions in Aleppo, this week, Boris received an invitation from Sergey Lavrov to visit the Russians at a date of his choosing.

Regarding Boris’s remarks on Saudi Arabia, about proxy wars,  Andrew Mitchell (former Int. Development Minister)  said: “The reality is that Britain has a complicated relationship with Saudi Arabia and our economic and political interests do not always coincide. In many ways, Saudi is an important ally but we have a duty as their candid friend to warn them about areas of difficulty.”

This pretty well summed up the feeling amongst Boris’s many allies.  To make progress in the world, the truth has to be spoken.  That is only way to effect change.

Nick Clegg reported that Cameron and Osbo were obsessed with stopping Boris, because he was so clever, charming and popular, they would do anything to damage his career.  Graphically, if not politely, Osbo was always bragging he would “smash Boris to smithereens”,   knife Boris,  or see that he was “f….. as he has never was  been f…… before.”  His attitude was all the more reprehensible because of the help Boris gave him over the economy.  Unfortunately, Michael Gove had the same attitude.

The way things are shaping up, it does seem sad that May is following the same agenda.

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