PM Cam’s clear promise we can decide means he lied and was in contempt of Parl

In the House of Commons, on 22nd Febuary, 2016, David Cameron made the following pledge to the British people.camboris2“It is time for the British people to have their say,” he said. “It is time to settle this European question in British politics. I say to the British people: this will be your decision.” Later in the same speech, David Cameron said:  “In the event of a vote to leave,  Article 50 of existing EU treaties – the as-yet unused mechanism by which a country could leave the EU – would be triggered straight away and the process of separation would be difficult to reverse.”

David Cameron’s statement that the people will make the final decision couldn’t be clearer.

Boris had made clear to David Cameron that his renegotiation had failed to achieve the return of British sovereignty and therefore he could not accept there was any alternative but to leave the EU.

The entire speech is here.

How then can Gina Miller’s lawyers  claim it’s ‘legally impossible’ that the EU referendum gave the decision to the people?  When the documents enshrining the basis of the EU Referendum were drawn up,  it was stated that the Referendum was, unlike the Referendum on  AV, only advisory.  But Cameron had pledged in Parliament our word was  final.

It follows that the promise of the Prime Minister that the Referendum will be decided by the people means nothing.  Also,  the vote of MPs on the Referendum Bill that we can vote on the issue and make the final decision also means absolutely nothing.  Is that right?

3 responses to “PM Cam’s clear promise we can decide means he lied and was in contempt of Parl

  1. The untouchables do as they please but slowly there power will be eroded by people power at the elections it may take time for them idiots to understand we have had enough!

    • So the PM can clearly say the people make the final decision on the Referendum, MPs vote on the Referendum Bill, giving us same right, but neither event is binding. Cam clearly deceived the publc when drawing up the documents.

      He should be called to account for this fraud upon the British people.

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