The deal breakers – Boris Johnson’s tough four point plan for Brexit

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has clearly laid out his four point plan for Brexit. He discussed it with Sky’s Murnaghan yesterday.borischinThe Foreign Secretary told Sky News the Prime Minister wants to retain control of borders, control of money, control of laws and the ability to do free trade deals

Boris is not in favour of Britain paying huge sums into EU coffers for the best access to the single market, although David Davis and Philip Hammond are said to like the idea. But Boris told Andrew Marr, at the moment, it was all just speculation.

He said: “That is something that obviously David Davis is considering. It doesn’t mean that a decision has been taken.”

He said: “I do believe that as a result of Brexit we will be able to take back control of the money that we currently give to Brussels.

“Very large sums of money will be coming back to this country which will be capable of being spent on priorities such as the NHS. That will be one of the outcomes of Brexit.”

Accepting free movement is absolutely out of the question, said Boris.

He has always said immigration is valuable, but must be strictly controlled.

There have been attempts from various quarters to circulate  fake news on Boris’s plans for leaving the EU, in an attempt to destabilise Brexit and discredit Boris himself.  Some of this fake news is still being flaunted on the Breitbart and Express websites as well as spouted by SKY News and sadly by some UKIP members.

That is why Boris is staking his claim on these four major principles and they are all firmly marked deal breakers.

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