Who is behind the smear campaign on Boris Johnson?

Boris was conveniently  abroad last week when Sky News launched the accusation against him that he had been deceiving the public.  He really wanted free movement all along.  Boris was not there to defend himself, so Sky made the most of it. Sky newscasters were reporting every fifteen minutes that Boris was a fraud.  He had lied when he campaigned for control of our borders.

borisquizzical17Nick Clegg was wheeled out to put the knife in deeper.  “Boris Johnson has been taking the public for fools” he declaimed theatrically. The evidence was provided by four EU ambassadors, all of whom declined to give their names.

Boris was as angry as anyone has ever seen him. He furiously denied this was true.  Pasquale Terracciano, Italy’s ambassador in London, said that Mr Johnson had never mentioned freedom of movement at the meeting of 27 EU ambassadors, and he was backed by another ambassador, who said Boris said what he normally does, immigration shoud be controlled.   Several ambassadors have sent messages of support.

Sky News did as much damage as they could before they were forced to admit there could be another side to the story.

This is not an isolated incident.  There is an ongoing smear campaign running on twitter, clearly aimed at destroying the Foreign Secretary’s credibility.   It is clear a team is operating, most of them new accounts with hardly any followers. It is appalling that Sky badmouthed him as hard as they could for days, when the only evidence was from four ambassadors who wouldn’t give their names.

Boris has frequently explained his immigration policy, and it has never changed over 20 years.  This article was written in 2010.

The aim is obviously to derail Boris’s vision for Brexit and to destroy his credibility.  He is always the target, he was during the EU Referendum, because his vision and intellect make him such a huge threat.  To go to such extreme lengths proves how desperate the Remoaners are.

Boris’s four point plan will be the cornerstone of the Brexit negotiations.  For details click on link.

Boris also denied today that he was in favour of large sums being spent paying the  EU.

One response to “Who is behind the smear campaign on Boris Johnson?

  1. It’s slowly happening we will be deceived once more for getting out as we were for joining

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