It’s the humane thing to do, says Boris Johnson re. amnesty for illegals

In a recent Cabinet meeting, Boris Johnson stoutly defended a previous idea he had as Mayor.  Boris believes it is the humane thing to do to grant an amnesty to anyone who has lived and worked here for 10 years.borisillegalsThis will also help the economy.  Illegals who are working are not on the tax system.  If they were pardoned, they could join the tax system, with a significant boost to the economy. Apparently this went down like a cup of cold sick with the rest of the Cabinet, but they should be more broadminded.  Nobody condones the criminal element of immigration.  It is not racist to expect dishonest or violent immigrants to be sent packing and we have the awful example of how the crime rate has soared sky high in Germany, France, Swedish and Italy as a warning.

In Germany particularly, crime has rocketed, and the cops have lost control of the streets.  Rape figures are soaring.  We must have well protected borders and strongly controlled immigration.  But any immigrant who has no criminal record, who has lived here for 10 years, and is doing a good job, should be put on the taxation system.  This should be coupled with a much tougher entry system.

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