Osbo’s plan to get back into power! Oh dear God NO!

In his all consuming race for the top, George Osborne has made more effort than most.  According to Hickey of the Daily Express yesterday, Osbo had “speech lessons to lower his voice, a Caesar type coiffure to hide his receding hairline and he went on the trendy 5:2 diet” to slim down.”georgechildcatcherIn vain.  But now George acknowledges his persona was at fault.  He says “I wasn’t showing enough vulnerability”  Oh dear God No!

George, don’t be so hard on yourself.  The fact that you were so blatantly, cruelly, callously bad was in a way commendable.  You couldn’t be bothered to pretend to be better than you were. You gambled with the economy without a qualm, and nothing dented your savoir faire.   When people booed you, you laughed in their faces.

You were cheerfuly unabashed that if a member of the opposition had a bruise, your strategy was to keep stamping on it.  You would announce with pride to Telegraph journalists your intention to “knife” your rivals and “smash them to smithereens”!  Your little face would glow with pleasure when you announced someone who needed to be disposed of was about to be “f……. like he has never been f……. before!”

Your persona was the only thing you had going for you George.   At least you weren’t adding hypocrisy to all your other faults, like the rest of your crew.

One response to “Osbo’s plan to get back into power! Oh dear God NO!

  1. George tried to tax the disabled, also reduce tax credits, immediately after he vowed to stand up for the working man. Didn’t give a toss. Not a fig.

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