The emergency debate in the Commons on Aleppo

There was an emergency debate held in the House of Commons today on Aleppo, with Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood answering questions.syriaaleppoMr. Ellwood began with a statement on the latest developments in  Aleppo, the latest being that Assad’s forces have been making inroads into Eastern Aleppo, where not one hospital is left standing. Airdrops.  No aid is allowed into the city.  The Russians have vetoed 5 UN Resolutions  allowing aid.  The British government, working with the UN,  intends to appeal to the Syrians to allow air drops as part of a humanitarian effort.  If we sent our aircraft to carry out air drops, that would be an act of war and the planes would be shot down.

Mr. Ellwood explained that air drops were tricky, because they could land in the wrong place, and end up in enemy hands.  Transport trucks take food, medicines, etc. to the correct location.

However, the last time transport trucks attempted to do this, they were bombed by the Russians/or Assad and the care workers were all killed.

War crimes.  Evidence of war crimes is being collected and the perpetrators will be held to account for their crimes.

British Aid for Aleppo.  The aid committed by Britain totals £23 billion.  £23 million of that has gone  directly to the UN.

The deep concern felt by Mr. Ellwood was written all over his face.  For his answers to the many questions on the situation, please click on the link in the first paragraph.

Putin.  Communications with the Russians have been resumed.  Boris Johnson’s plan to end the suffering is here.

3 responses to “The emergency debate in the Commons on Aleppo

  1. ilona csatlos-graudins

    I hope this means USA and UK warcrimes will also be seriously acted on and independently investigated! #Saudi weapons sales #Yemen clusterbomb sales and white phosperous #rebels using them against #westalleppo who is the supplier?? 14million displaced #Yemen

    • Apparently a lot of the items you mention were sold to the Saudis in the 80’s and 90’s, this can be verified by the serial numbers on the weapons.

      Anyone guilty of war crimes should be called to account, you are absolutely right.

  2. Unless people read this, they can’t comment on what is going on.

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