PE Trump and Paul Ryan show they know the meaning of loyalty

Brits are over the moon and touched to tears by the stalwart demonstration of loyalty from America.  Paul Ryan, and the Prez. Elect, want to show support for Britain, and are getting cracking on a trade deal. How sweet is that?trumpryanTo be honest, the treatment from Europe, has cut like a knife.  Throughout history, Britain has always been there for them. When Napoleon threatened the continent, Wellington saved Europe. In two World Wars, we liberated the Dutch, the French and the Belgians. The British and the Americans liberated concentration camps to save Europe from the evils of Hitler.  But when we need friends to understand why we have to leave the EU, the only response is bullying and abuse.

EU chiefs preach about EU values, but all we see is chronic waste, no prosperity,  the destruction of democracy, members being robbed of their rights and dictatorial control from Brussels.  It is the massive number of migrant rapes,  robberies and assaults of ordinary people are the price Europe pays for the single market. Free movement, ludicrously, is named “one of the four freedoms.”  I wonder if the tragic victims agree with that description.

The US response to our EU dilemma was a Presidential “That is for Britain to decide” from Donald Trump. He has maintained that level of understanding. The fact that Europe has failed to grant Britain similar consideration, after our shared history, is the unkindest cut of all.

2 responses to “PE Trump and Paul Ryan show they know the meaning of loyalty

  1. US riding to our rescue! this will be a massive help to us.

  2. It is fantastic that the US is standing by us so loyally! They are fixing the details of the deal so they are ready for the minute we leave!

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