68% now want Brexit as soon as possible

In spite of the fibbing of Remoaners, 68% of voters still want Brexit and they want it as soon as possible, reports YouGov.  This has not changed since October.  borismayOnly one in five is happy with the way Theresa May’s government is handling Brexit.  (That is 18%).  There has also been huge criticism of the way she handled the victory of Donald Trump.    May has been churlish and rude to Nigel Farage regarding his offers of help.  It is understandable she does not want to fire Sir Kim Darroch, but she could make Nigel a special envoy or second him to work with David Davis. May was eleventh in the list of PMs who received a telephone call from the President Elect.  It is a good sign that of all the Foreign Secretaries in the world, Boris Johnson was number one on the list of the VP Elect, Mike Pence.

But for the good of the country, May should be making more effort to build bridges with the US.

4 responses to “68% now want Brexit as soon as possible

  1. Not looking too good for the evil Blair and malign Major is it? We have a powerful ally, prepared to stand by us, and come to our aid. Thank you American.

  2. This proves that the support for Brexit is growing, not decreasing. And they want it now!

  3. I’m not surprised that the result is higher – why else would the political elite have given in so easily? But I’m not so clear why we’ve seen the jump from 52 to 68. I imagine a significant chunk are remain voters – who have accepted the decision. Another chunk will be remain voters who had been put off voting for Brexit because of all the dire warnings – warnings that proved false. And I suppose another chunk will be looking at the EU response and saying: “if that is how they’re going to behave – then I don’t think I want to be part of them”. Another factor, is that the Jo Cox murder must have pushed voters away from the Brexit camp.

    As for May – well I should bite my tongue – because once I start attacking her, I’ll be quite ruthless. She’s got a deadline to meet. And even if she has to go against the courts and parliament and just unilaterally trigger Brexit – she better do it. That is not something that is up for discussion and the courts are putting their noses in where it should not go trying to have a say in the matter.

    • May is showing no sense of urgency, quite the opposite. She delayed for 4 months, and let in Gina Miller. Now the obstacles to Brexit are coming thick and fast, and she has the same smug smile on her face. She is hand in glove with Hammond, who is doing all the damage he can and she never says a word. If the Brexiteers are honest, they get their heads bitten off. Nobody trusts May anymore, she is a puppet of the Establishment. We voted to leave, she is doing all she can to prevent that.

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