Boris charisma melts ice wall surrounding the Russian Bear

Recently Anglo/Russian relations had sunk to well below zero, but Boris’s charisma and his appeal to Putin that he has a chance to show leadership have melted the block of ice separating the two nations.borislavrovBoris said:   “I had a recent phone call with my Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov where I reinforced the UK’s concern about the grave humanitarian situation in Syria. I urged Russia to use its influence with the Syrian regime to stop the assault on Aleppo, allow much needed aid into the city and help end the suffering of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian people.

I also expressed concern about the deteriorating security situation in Ukraine, and continued Russian support for the separatists. A full, sustained ceasefire is fundamental to any progress towards peace, and to prevent more fatalities in Eastern Ukraine. We agreed to continue to maintain our dialogue on these important issues.”

The fact that communication has been restored between the UK and Russia is a positive omen, both for these two countries and for eventual peace in the world.  There is still a long way to go, but this is a step forward.

In spite of Russian complaints, Boris’s strong criticisms seem to have made an impression.   The Russians said they would bury the hatchet if Boris stopped bashing them!

4 responses to “Boris charisma melts ice wall surrounding the Russian Bear

  1. Boris is very astute psychologically, and he has obvious sussed that the Russians don’t like world disapproval. He was right to speak out.

  2. Boris strategy the right one, or they wouldn’t have rung him.

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