Boris and Trump stuffed the Establishment so now the elite wants round two

When Brexit actually won,  Remoaners were apoplectic with fury!  They simply couldn’t believe that they, the elite,  had been stuffed by a raggle taggle army.  Lynton Crosby told us we were badly organised and he was right.  What we had was huge passion and a burning determination we would not be beaten. Five months later, Remain still can’t handle it.borisfingerDonald Trump has been sticking two fingers up at the establishment. For the first time the EU understands we no longer give a stuff about the old order. 

Apparently Boris’s jokes don’t go down well in European capitalsdonaldtrump Excellent.The fun is not only taunting the Germans but also watching from 3,000 miles away Donald Trump giving just the one finger to our man in Washington.

That man, Sir Kim Darroch, has been kissing every backside in Brussels for most of his career.”

EU MEPs have voted to crack down on populism.

But the real “enemies of the people” are men like Blair and Branson, says the Spectator.  The likes of Clegg, Chuka and David Lammy.  John Major, Hezza, Ken Clarke, those Tory grandees who so revolted the British people, they voted for Brexit in droves.  Blair said “The will of the people can be changed.”

That is his mission now.

With his usual condescension, Blair even gave us a small lecture on how to use twitter!  (You can build up networks and so on!)     Alastair Campbell has been raked in to teach us insolent commoners where we went wrong in voting for Brexit the first time.

Remain is gearing up to fight their Waterloo.   Do they really want a thrashing all over again?

3 responses to “Boris and Trump stuffed the Establishment so now the elite wants round two

  1. I have lost all faith in her. She gave up the chance to restrict the Lords, they will throw every obstacle in our way that they can. She also handled Trump win badly, has been criticised for her bad attitude.

    Maybe she doesn’t want a deal with US. Farage genuinely wants to help, why not make him a special envoy, but no chance.

  2. What worries me is May is in their pocket. Hammond has proved by his budget that he is for remaining. May supports him. May signed us up to the EU army. Why?

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