Bullying EU bans Boris Johnson from discussing Turkey, land of his fathers

The bullying and dictatorial behaviour of the EU has sunk to an all time low.  Manfred  Weber, an MEP and German Minister, has ordered Boris not to mention or discuss Turkey, the land of his fathers.borisgmbBoris’s great grandfather was Ali Kemal, a liberal Ottoman journalist, newspaper editor and poet.  It is from his great grandfather than Boris inherits his white blonde hair.  Boris is extremely proud of his Turkish blood, and hence his interest and concern for Turkish affairs.

Boris’s deep affection for Turkey is why he believes the Turks should be helped and should join the EU. But like the EU,  Turkey is looking less and less like a democracy.  Boris cannot condone the death penalty and other barbaric behaviour.  His Turkish strategy is on the link on this paragraph.

Boris’s mother is half French and he also has Jewish blood.  Is he banned from discussing French affairs, also the land of his forebears?  And forbidden to discuss anything Jewish?  More than anything,  this illustrates the ridiculous extent of EU interference and petty domination.

5 responses to “Bullying EU bans Boris Johnson from discussing Turkey, land of his fathers

  1. i just ignore comments like that German.

  2. I’m not sure why you blame ‘the EU’ for this man’s statements. Because he is an MEP? So are Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan: does that mean you praise ‘the EU’ every time one of them says something you agree with?

    This man is entitled to his opinion, but is there any reason to use one MEP’s opinion to lambast ‘the EU’ as an entity?

  3. And no doubt he’ll roll over and accept it!

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