Germany crime rate rockets, as cops lose control of streets

Data has been released that 142,500 migrant crimes have been committted in Germany since the beginning of the year.  That is the equivalent of 780 crimes committed by migrants every day, an increase of nearly 40 per cent over 2015. The data includes only those crimes in which a suspect has been caught.merkelimmigrantsGermany has been hit by a spate of horrendous violent crime including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking. There are now migrant areas where the cops are afraid to go.

According to a report by the international policy council the Gatestone Institute, local police in many parts of the country admit that they are stretched to the limit.

The report states: “The rape of a ten-year-old girl in Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony, has drawn renewed attention to the spiralling levels of violent crime perpetrated by migrants in cities and towns across Germany.

There is rising anger over Merkel’s immigration policy, and her stubborn refusal to admit the disaster of open borders.

In October, thousands of protesters massed in the eastern German city of Dresden to mark the second anniversary of the anti-migrant and Islamophobic movement Pegida.

Carrying flags bearing slogans like ‘Refugees not welcome’, the crowd chanted ‘Merkel must go’.  Demonstrations against immigration have gone on in Germany for two years, unreported in this country.  They have been reported on EuroNews and in the foreign media.

The TV and the media are heavily censored in this country.  If we quote the Mail or the Express or Breitbart, Remainers sneer Oh the Express, meaning it is lies.  It is not. Check out the top link.  If you google “142,500 migrant crimes,” you will find not just one or two links, but pages and pages of links, with videos too.

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