Another reason to vote for Zac. Cleggers and student fees!

Fifteen thousand students and lecturers marched through London in protest at the huge cost of student fees today, and who can blame them?  Free in Scotland, only £3,000 in Wales, students in England have massive debt hung round their necks, and only one party is to blame,  the Lib Dems. cleggjudasIn the book Call Me Dave by Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakshotte, it turns out that Cameron and Osbo gave Nick Clegg the chance not once, but several times to honour his promise to students that they would not have to pay £9,000 in student fees. They made it plain that the Tory Party was willing to think outside the box.

Not only did Cleggie refuse, several times, because he wanted AV, to add insult to injury he whipped his party, and 28 Lib Dems backed the coalition.

This blatant betrayal of trust destroyed the Lib Dems and created such a deep wound, they have never recovered.  Now the Lib Dems want to revive their fortunes and beat Zac Goldsmith at Richmond Park.

Isabel Oakeshott says: “……for the future of the Lib Dems, the repercussions were disastrous.  Public hatred of the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg was visceral and personal.  Effigies were burnt and excrement was thrown at his door.”

The Lib Dem leader also made a disastrous error of judgment by cancelling a £80 million loan to Sheffield Forgemasters. As with tuition fees, he was offered the chance to spare the pain, but went ahead. The Tory were stunned!  I wouldn’t sign up to it, said Osbo privately.

Zac is exceptionally loyal and principled and has never let his constituents down.

The Lib Dem party is now synonymous with betrayal.  Nick Soames said “Rather than take all that grief, I’d kill myself!”

UPDATE:  The husband of the  Lib Dem candidate, Sarah Olney,  Ben, was once a consultant for Heathrow.  Uh oh!   Full details on the link above.

One response to “Another reason to vote for Zac. Cleggers and student fees!

  1. Amazed that they can find a candidate!!!

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