Mrs. May’s skirts split up to her knickers strike the wrong note

If Theresa May wants to be taken seriously as PM, she must alter her taste for provocative clothing.  Wearing skirts split up to her knickers is not a good image for someone representing Britain. mayskirtDuring a meeting with the EU’s Donald Tusk, she had to hold her skirt closed. Outside the wind continually blew her skirt wide open revealing one naked thigh. Mrs. May has flaunted plunging cleavage in the House of Commons and a smirking Osbo didn’t know where to look. Her evening wear leaves nothing to the imagination.  It is good to accept that older women are sexual beings, but not if you want to emphasise your gravitas as PM.  She is not starring in an episode of Sex and the City, where they wear their skirts up to their See U Next Tuesdays.  Even Carrie Bradshaw told Samantha “It’s time to cover up” and then she was only about 40.

Ann Widdecombe has been particularly critical of Mrs. May’s clothing, and does not mince words.  Ann said: “One critic, staring at Theresa’s provocative choice of footwear, commented: ‘You see boots like that on French whores.’ But Widders recalls of May’s dress sense: ‘That was probably one of the least insulting remarks I heard during that time.’”osbocleavageThat is very harsh.  Mrs. May has fantantic legs and a slim, elegant figure.  Why not go for the subtle sexy look of French politicians?

Mrs. May is not an up front communicator, she is protective of her negotiating technique,  so it is even more surprising all her other assets are wide open and on display.  Her classic fitted suits look lovely.

She wants to be like Maggie, and never in a million years would Maggie have worn slit skirts or bandeau bare tops. The red evening dress she wore recently was beautiful, but for a PM, the huge slit up the leg was too much.

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