Boris savages Verhofstadt’s EU claptrap

In his inimitable style, Boris Johnson has been ramming it to the rest of them in the EU.    We might leave the customs union, Boris told a Czech newspaper airily, but that will be up to negotiation.  He then rubbished the statement by Guy Verhofstadt that free movement is a human right.borissincereThe Guardian reported:  “Johnson is also reported to have said that the idea that free movement of people is a founding pillar of the EU is nonsense. (Guy Verhofstadt said FM is a basic human right”)

There was some confusion over the colourful language used by Johnson to dismiss the significance of free movement. His phrase was translated by Czech media as “hovadina”, which was then variously translated back again into English as bollocks, rubbish, tosh or bullshit. However, the Foreign Office could not confirm which word he originally used.”verhofstadtThis Fact Sheet on the European Union shows that Guy Verhofstadt is wrong when he insists FM has been a human right since 1956.  For years, FM only applied to workers.  The Fact Sheet shows that the situation is complicated, involving the Schengen Agreement, which we never joined.

So it is definitely wrong to say free movement has existed for all members since 1956.  Right now, Boris is acting on the EU like a stomach pump when all they are used to is a dose of Imodium.  They aren’t used to the dollops of angelic charm, interspersed with sudden brutal confrontation.  Hold your nerve Herr Verhofstadt!   Poor Guy is looking jittery and his tweeting is getting a bit hysterical.

Update: Mrs. Merkel signalled there might be negotiation over free movement.

However, the decision of Britain was to leave the EU.  This means we want rid of control from the EU.  There is in and there is out. We want out and there should be no compromise on that.

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