US politicians have Boris on speed dial

Our ebullient Foreign Secretary has visited five countries in three days, cementing bonds and talking up our hopes for a fair Brexit deal.  He was having dinner with the Serbian PM, when he was called to the phone to answer a call from the Prez Elect’s VP, and the Serbians were all graciousness, insisting that he should take the call.borisserbia2Boris was first on the list of all the Foreign Secretaries rung by PE VP Mike Pence.  Mr. Pence told the Foreign Secretary he has followed his career and admires Boris’s work.

Although Theresa May was 11th in line for a call from Prez Elect Trump, he emphasised the important of the special relationship.   The Sunday Times reports: “…  Johnson was Pence’s first call. The foreign secretary has since spoken to Senator Jeff Sessions and Newt Gingrich, both tipped as a possible secretary of state in Trump’s administration. Foreign Office officials will travel to Washington in the next fortnight to arrange a visit for Johnson to cement these links.”

So far, the Brexiteer three have been denied access to Chevening, the stately home that is the right of the Foreign Secretary to use.  Suddenly, after recent events, the problems have been resolved.  Full details here.

An EU summit was called for today, to discuss (trash) the new US Prez and emphasise EU values.   Mrs. Merkel’s lecture to PE Trump astonished and amused Brexiteers.  EU values include killing democracy, removing the rights and freedoms of EU members and stamping on, threatening and insulting anyone who dares to say the EU corrupt, dictatorial approach doesnt suit.

Germany doesn’t even pay all its commitment to NATO!  The US, who already picks up 70% of the tab, makes up the balance!  Maybe PE Trump should send Merkel a bill for the shortfall, plus interest, like the EU does.  Should he also tell Merkel to hush her lectures until the bill is settled in full?

Boris will be attending an EU summit on Monday.  He declined to attended the trashing session held by the EU today on the grounds that PE Trump is the democratic choice of the American people.  The moaning and groaning should stop, said Boris, think positive! Dump the gloomadons and the whinge-a-rama!

The media have reported that the President Elect will be moving the bust of Churchill back into Oval Office.

2 responses to “US politicians have Boris on speed dial

  1. The new members of the White House have obviously done their homework. Mike Pence knew all about Boris’s career. They all respect and admire him. He is twice as smart as any other member of the government, he would be of huge help to the Americans, and they will help us.

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