Furious Juncker is pushed to the back of the queue

Jean Claude Juncker has apparently been trying to get through to Prez. Elect Donald Trump.  On Wednesday, he needed to know where the EU stands regarding a TTIP trade deal, also NATO and climate change.   Trump should call him back ASAP. juncker
Not the line to take right now with the successful billionaire President Elect.  Stamping on egos might work with desperate member states, but not  with the President Elect.

On Friday,   Juncker said:  “….. he did not expect the trade deal between the United States and the European Union, currently being negotiated, to be finalised this year as previously planned.”
Then he tried threats. Reuters reported:  Juncker says: “We will have to teach Trump what Europe is and how it works; his election poses risks for EU-U.S. relations.”  Nothing.
It sounds like Trump has already deduced the EU bosses are major pains in the ass,  rude, bossy and more hassle than they are worth.  If he doesn’t call you back , you should take the hint.
The realisation is gradually sinking in that maybe the Prez. Elect doesn’t give a stuff about the EU, and Juncker figures nowhere right now on the President’s list of priorities.  So Juncker has glumly accepted he is at the back of the queue.
Maybe he should be worrying whether he is in the queue at all!  But old habits die hard.  This morning he issued a furious statement….. If Britain is planning a deal with the US, they will be punished….

4 responses to “Furious Juncker is pushed to the back of the queue

  1. Boris do us all a favour and tell junker to clear off note I am polite also remind him it’s the USA he’s trying to dictate to poor ol junker starting to feel sorry for him

  2. Junker is being forced to grow up. Good article Boris!!!

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