Boris is keen to work with the administration of Mr. Brexit

On a visit to Malta yesterday, Boris Johnson showed how keen he is to work with the Trump administration.   It is a hugely positive sign that President Elect Trump has the vision to see the potential of Brexit. 

Many leaders do not.  Trump is keen to cement the special relationship, and his enthusiasm for Brexit will make our bond even stronger.

President Elect Trump has outstanding qualities.  He is strong, tenacious and comes to the White House with a fresh eye.  If he listens to excellent advisors, he has every chance of making a huge success of his Presidency.

Update:  Boris Johnson received a call from the President Elect’s running mate, Mike Pence and they had a warm and constructive talk.   Mike Pence is a Christian, an experienced Republican  and a calm, steady respected politician, the perfect foil for visionary President Elect Trump.  And I have to say I find it signiicant that 81% of the religious Evangelical voted for Trump!

Sadly, the Evangelical vote believe that Hillary Clinton is evil.  It is so positive and hopeful that we are forming the mutually helpful productive relationship with the new Prez we never had with Obama.

One response to “Boris is keen to work with the administration of Mr. Brexit

  1. US politicians do their homework and they are not stupid. There are huge opportunities ahead. we should have the sense to grab them.

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