Trump victory is a huge boost for Brexit, US and Britain

Like President Putin, Donald Trump is a huge fan of Brexit and most of all, our  Brexit success is down to Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.  Nigel Farage is already on a plane bound for the US, because a job as the US Ambassador for the EU is in the offing. The President Elect admired Boris’s speeches so much, he quoted from Boris’s winning Brexit speech in his winning speech. trumpwin2PM Theresa May was nothing to do with winning Brexit, she sided with Remainer Cameron, so it is hard to see that she will have much in common with the President Elect.  After the bullying by Obama over Britain leaving the EU, Trump’s assurance that our membership of the EU is our own business and we will be in the front of the queue for a trade deal is welcome indeed.  Obama said nastily that out of the EU, Britain would be in the back of the queue for a trade deal.

With Nigel Farage as US Ambassador for the EU, we would have a friend we  could totally trust who had the ear of the President, moreover, one who backs Brexit all the way!  It’s about time Brexiteers copped a break!  As Ann Widdecombe said, the sooner May cracks on with Article 50, the better!

Trump has just said on EuroNews “I love Britain!”  That is so sweet!

Again, this time on SKY, Donald Trump said “Britain has been such a great ally over the years, the British people will always be first in line.”  What a lovely thing to say. It’s great that Trump has an awareness of history.  He also is determined to protect and help US war veterans.

CNN just reported stocks soared in the US!  Trump will be great for US, breath of fresh air.

2 responses to “Trump victory is a huge boost for Brexit, US and Britain

  1. Time to dump maybe May!!!

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