The legal challenges pile up for May

 Remainer Theresa May has been dithering and wallying around re. Brexit for the last 4 months.     What has the PM achieved, except to let in a legal challenge by Gina Miller, that was successful in the High Court! mayindiajpgThe judges who ruled in the High Court were all rabid Remainers.  So are the judges being hand picked for the appeal in the Supreme Court.

The likes of Remainer Keir Starmer has reproved us for believing the judiciary is biased. Have you talked to any black cab drivers lately about their legal challenges on Uber,  Keir?  While Osbo was handling the matter?sturgeonHow many more legal challenges will have piled up by the time Mrs. May gets round to signing Article 50 at the end of March?  Now Nicola Sturgeon has joined the party.  She is insisting that legally, Scotland must approve Article 50.

Surely PM May has the brains to see how fatal has been her 4 months of delay, and until she signs the Article, it can only get worse.   Brexit Ministers are drafting a bill to smooth the path to Article 50.  SKY News has repeatedly said why is May is in India, when she should be in Brussels sorting things out to ensure a smooth Brexit?   We can’t make trade deals until we have left. Couldn’t Liam Fox be trusted to handle the PR and chat up the Indian nation?

Why is the PM still attending to Home Office matters like visas, asks SKY. Surely more vital matters await Mrs. May’s attention at home!  A full explanation of Article 50 is here.

One response to “The legal challenges pile up for May

  1. They still don’t realise we can see what they are up to I said from the start it wouldn’t happen may and co will deceive us as is normal why wait method in her madness as the saying goes. Just be truthful come clean people think more of it

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