Nigel Farage beats down Gina Miller on Marr

Gina Miller is forced to admit to Nigel Farage that politicians have lied all along the line over the EU Referendum.   They lied to us in 1972, when Ted Heath gave his word to the British people that we were not losing British sovereignty, and carried on lying over the years.

David Cameron said that if Remain lost, he would sign Article 50 on 24th June.  It now transpires that Cameron put a clause in the Referendum that says it was advisory, and didn’t think to mention it.  The leaflets he was circulating said the opposite. So he lied to the British people like Heath.

Miller tries to be snotty, but watch Nigel’s righteous anger beat her down.  What part of Leave do you not understand? he says scathingly!  Gina seems a tad confused over the fundamental issues.

Nigel tells Gina Miller exactly what she has done.  Do you want us ultimately to stay in the single market?  I’m not the politician. replied Gina.

Nigel Farage:  What you have done you have given all those in Parliament who argue the Referendum does not mean we leave the single market, you’ve given them a chance to overturn the PM’s wish and to mandate her and if that happens, you have stirred up the biggest political upset we have ever seen.

We have a representative democracy system, says Gina.  No, I am arguing sovereignty, retorted Nigel.  Precisely snipes Gina.   For you as a pro EU supporters to argue about sovereignty is a bit rich, isn’t it really. said Nigel.

But I am not talking about parliamentary sovereignty, I am talking about the peoples’ sovereignty.  I take the advisory point, and all Referendums in future should say they are legally binding.

Gina Miller then crumbles and tries to cover herself by saying the British people have been lied to all along the line and it is the system that is wrong.  She doesn’t explain why she has taken advantage of the flawed system, taken advantage of the vulnerability of ordinary people who have been lied to for years,  to get what she clearly wants on a material level. How could she exploit the lies of politicians for her own benefit?

4 responses to “Nigel Farage beats down Gina Miller on Marr

  1. “watch Nigel’s righteous anger beat her down” …”Gina Miller then crumbles and tries to cover herself ” …”Gina seems a tad confused over the fundamental issues.” ….. whatever you say, in these surreal times where opinions and confirmation bias trump substance and objectivity then people tend to see what the look. In essence write an article with fewer adjectives that suit your own bias next time. BTW i agree with Rod and angelnstar, isn’t if funny we have legislation around advertising yet the politics of division can claim whatever it wants.

  2. This is a good idea. Lies are now the norm. We were deceived for 30 years over the EU Referendum. Oliver Letwin bragged about Cam’s lies! He said we were fools if we believed in politicians, where is the honour in public life.

  3. Is it time for a petition to be put before parliament that requires any MP to be required to resign if they deceive or lie to the electorate at sometime they must be brought to account.

  4. And still we will be lied to and the deceit and cunning will show from the TRUSTED MPs ?

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