Foreign Secretary Boris updates Parliament on Daesh in Iraq and Syria

Foreign Secretary Boris addressed the House on 3rd November to update them on the fight against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

IRAQ:   A global coalition of 67 members has been formed to defeat Daesh said Boris.  The next aim of the Iraqi security forces is to take Mosul from Daesh.  They are making good progress and several dozen settlements have been liberated. The jihadis are using suicide bombers, so the Iraqi security forces, with the Kurdish peshmergas,  face their toughest objective yet.iraqspecialforcesBoris said:  “The aim is to defeat Daesh in a way that protects civilians, minimises human suffering and promotes a political settlement.”

The terrorists are pursuing a scorched earth policy, that includes setting fire to oil wells. Britain is giving another £40 million in aid, to be centred on Mosul,  total British aid pledged is now £170 million. iraqsspecialforces2500 British soldiers have been helping to train Iraqi forces.   1,350 British forces are employed across the Middle East.  British troops have trained more than 29,000 Iraqi forces. Boris Johnson has made it crystal clear he will have nothing to do with training terrorists or using terrorists to fight for us.  The British soldiers are there to prevent that happening.

The RAF has delivered 1,038 air strikes in Iraq, and 67 in Syria.( ISIS is being battered in terror city Mosul by skull mask-wearing death squads, called the Golden Squad, US trained special forces. (my comment) ) iraqsspecialforces3The lessons of the Chilcott Inquiry have been learnt:  stabilisation must be restored to the region and lives must be rebuilt.  Boris said £15 million is being provided for UN stabilisation.  ” Wherever Daesh is driven back, we are helping to fund the UN to clear the lethal explosives the terrorists leave behind, repair water supplies, restore power networks and reopen schools. So far, over 775,000 people have been helped to return home to liberated areas of Iraq, including the Sunni heartlands of the Euphrates valley.”

The UK is leading the coalition in destroying terrorist propaganda.  10 countries are working together in a cell in London to counter the terrorist message: Daesh output has fallen by 70%.

On 19 September at the UN in New York,  Boris launched a global campaign, with the Belgians & Iraqis, to bring Daesh to justice. Its aim is simply justice for all those affected by Daesh, including those who suffered in terrorist attacks around the world.  Boris wants the campaign to be led by the UN and to begin by gathering and preserving evidence of Daesh crimes in Iraq.

SYRIA:  The war is unbearably worsened by the brutality of Assad and Russia/Iraq’s misguided intervention. Assad is fighting the rebels in eastern Aleppo and Russia/Iraq are ostensibly fighting the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda. (Unfortunately 85% of the Russian strikes have not hit ISIS,  Russia is fighting the rebels, not ISIS: my comment)

Russia is actually helping Assad in east Aleppo (275,000 civilians are under siege). No aid has got through for 4 months. Any progress against Daesh has been won by Turkey and the moderate Syrian opposition.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is beyond belief.  Half the population has been displaced.  There are only 6 partly functioning hospitals in eastern Aleppo and fewer than 30 doctors.

Through his passionate rhetoric, Boris has done everything he can to put pressure on Putin and at one point, the Russian Bear exploded.

Boris said:  “Britain has pledged £2.3 billion to the Syria relief effort—our largest ever response to a single crisis, making us the second biggest humanitarian donor behind the US—but in the end a political transition away from Assad is the only way to end the civil war and defeat Daesh.”

The Assad regime has frequently used poison gas.  Putin blocks all attempts to hold a UN resolution, so the only recourse is more sanctions.

Boris said:  “Russia could win the acclaim of the world by permanently halting the bombing of civilians and persuading Assad to return to negotiations.”

One response to “Foreign Secretary Boris updates Parliament on Daesh in Iraq and Syria

  1. Thanks to the Foreign Secretary – I’m glad we are hearing about Daesh from Westerners, at last, rather than “so-called Islamic State”

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