BREAKING: Daesh are in retreat, Boris Johnson told Parliament today

In the House of Commons today, Boris told MPs that Daesh are in retreat on every battlefront in Iraq and Syria.  In an offensive on Mosul, Iraqi troops have entered the ISIS stronghold.  This is a decisive moment in the battle against Islamist militants,  as Iraqi forces enter the country’s second biggest city.

After a barbaric, blood soaked history, this is not yet the end,  said the Foreign Secretary, but the downfall of Daesh is not a matter of if, but when.mosul2Update:  Hundreds of Iraqis fled Mosul yesterday after Iraqi-led forces managed to fight their way into the city to create a safe route for the inhabitants to escape.

They clambered onto trucks laid on by the military to take them to camps north of the city after Iraqi troops stormed into the eastern area of the ISIS stronghold.

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