Boris says our great PM will make a “Titanic success” of Brexit

As he accepted the Spectator Comeback of the Year award, Boris Johnson said “We are taking the machete of freedom to the brambles of EU regulation, and we are in the process of creating something immensely positive for both sides of the Channel, a new European partnership between a strong UK and a strong EU.” borisfo12He said he believed that Europe was coming to terms with the UK’s departure. “In the words of our great prime minister, they understand that Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a Titanic success of it.”

Never was a truer word spoken. With PM May in charge, how could it be anything else.titannicRemainer PM May is upset, appalled,  at the court judgment.  She told Boris that once dogs had fulfilled their usefulness, they were put down, the remark of a very sweet person.  It was a lovely moment.   Heroic May is appealing the decision, so it can be said, she did all she can!  Of course!

6 responses to “Boris says our great PM will make a “Titanic success” of Brexit

  1. Jokers ha ha ha ha ha

  2. She was Yes. It’s funny that May sacked Osbo for his horrible treatment of ministers, the way he removed her personal aide, insulted her, etc. and now she is PM, she is emulating that behaviour.

    • Yes she can hurt; however she cannot lead. I suspect that she gave Boris a job to keep him quiet. On the back benches he would have been able to bring her down. Boris is a great motivator, an empowerer of people. He is a team player, intelligent energetic and capable of leading. Time to plan May’s departure?

      • Delaying the Article 50 until end spring, has proved fatal. If she had signed after 2 months, we would not be in this mess, how are we going to get rid of all EU control now? May herself says we need to keep the single market and compromise on immigration. Why is no-one criticising her? Huge cockup or malign calculation.

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