Boris wants stronger action in Aleppo

Negotiations are getting nowhere regarding Syria.   Decisive Boris is now convinced that the best course of action regarding Aleppo is to impose no fly zones to end the suffering, but unfortunately May has other ideas.  borisaleppoPM May has made her career playing it safe, sitting on the fence, considering her options, and if at all possible, kicking them into the long grass.  She worked at the Bank of England for 12 years, hardly living dangerously.

Her best pal in government is risk averse Chancellor Philip Hammond, they were at uni together.    If Phil takes two aspirin instead of one, he’s pushing the envelope.

Boris has said:  “It is now right that we should be looking again at the more kinetic options, the more military options to stop the town being “pulverised”.  May doesn’t agree.  But Boris believes stronger action is the only remaining option and he has never given up easily. He was still arguing the case this week.

3 responses to “Boris wants stronger action in Aleppo

  1. Do you lot in government never learn to keep out of other country’s problems .

  2. Don’t overlook Mosul, Turkey and genocide against the Kurds

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