Slave for EU! Is May on the level?

Like Mussolini, or Napoleon,  the EU is moving closer and closer towards a complete dictatorship.   Unelected Brussels bureaucrats could soon have the power to totally ignore the will of the people when negotiating trade deals if a landmark court ruling goes their way.  britneyJuncker is waiting to hear from the European Court of Justice whether the EU can ratify trade deals by themselves.   All the power could be given to top EU officials.  Eurocrats would hold all the cards in future trade arrangements, allowing them to ride roughshod over the desires of their members.

Journalist Tim Shipman said on Sky News May wants a softer Brexit than she is letting on.   Today a tape surfaced of Mrs. May speaking to Goldman Sachs.  She said it is  essential that the UK stays part of the single market.

On the Daily Politics Show today, Business Secretary Greg Clark refused to answer a furious Andrew Neil who asked if PM May’s Brexit deal might still mean the EU makes free trade deals for us.   If so we would be slaves to Brussels. What is the point of leaving?

4 responses to “Slave for EU! Is May on the level?

  1. May will sell her country the same as the rest of them have the people who voted are going to be shafted angestar was I right from the beginning and you are going to be wrong

  2. Where will her flights and free lunches come from that’s why she will defy the nations vote tell her remember Poll tax!

  3. It is beginning to appear that May has no intention of honouring the electorate.

    • I think another referendum should be put to the people or “do the people trust politicians answer yes or no” I reckon 94per cent would answer NO reluctantly won’t happen as referendums not liked by govt that they would lose bit of a shame!

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