Breaking Bad! Heathrow given the green light!

For years, Boris Johnson has opposed the idea of a third runway at Heathrow.  There are abundant reasons why this is set to be a massive waste of time and money.  Ten of those reasons are here. borisheathrowJustine Greening is a strong opponent.  Zac Goldsmith has just described the news as “catastrophic”   He is widely expected to resign his seat in protest.

Heathrow will be obsolete by the time it is built, says Boris Johnson in an article in the Telegraph last year.

In 2014, Boris pointed out that Heathrow was the noisiest airport in Europe. He said:  “There is no government in the Western world that would even contemplate an act so self-defeating, so short-termist, and so barbarically contemptuous of the rights of the population.”mayheathrow

Theresa May opposed the Heathrow runway previously.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said he did not support the Heathrow option and would back a legal challenge.

Boris was calling for a new runway and asking for vision regarding a new airport as early as 2010. After Chris Grayling had spoken in the House, Boris Johnson said Heathrow is undeliverable and he doubts it will ever get through.

Update:  The Times reveals that buried government figures show that the value of the Heathrow third runway is overvalued by £86 billion.  The truth is the value is practically the same as a runway at Gatwick.

2 responses to “Breaking Bad! Heathrow given the green light!

  1. Boris has the necessary vision. I was all for his proposed airport with four runways and room to expand.

    He must be very frustrated being corralled

  2. Heathrow a world leader gatwick also another runway let’s show the world.

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