Boris comment, Let’s give money to NHS was clearly only a suggestion

When you say to someone “Let’s go to the cinema!” that’s clearly a suggestion.  When you say “I promise I will pay you £50 a month”, that’s a pledge.Downing Street, London, October 18th 2016. Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Boris Johnson arrives at the weekly cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street in London. ¿ Paul Davey/Alamy Live NewsRemainers clearly cannot tell the difference because the only evidence they pretend they have that Leave lied is the figure on the battlebus.

Let’s get the facts straight.  The Office of National Statistics says we give £376M to the EU every week, not £350M. But that’s immaterial.  When Boris Johnson said Let’s give money to the NHS, what he meant was we should be spending our cash on what WE want, not having the EU decide that for us. borisbattlebus2

And when anyone says “Let’s do this or let’s do that”, it’s only a suggestion. The dictionary definition of “Let’s….” is:

Let’s :  You use “let’s” when you are suggesting that you and someone else should do something,

What does it say on the battlebus?

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