Remainers know to get back into power Brexit and economy must fail

The non-stop negativism about Brexit isn’t just hot air.  The gloomadon popping has a point.  There is method in the Remainers’ madness. The endless abuse of Liam Fox, David Davis, Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, and most of all Boris, is just part of it.  Boris must be crushed so badly he can never rise again.  The economy must actually fail.  The pound must fall.  Markets must crash.  There must be an financial Armageddon. 

Instead of being recognised as the best thing to happen to Britain for centuries, Brexit must be derided without ceasing as the worst catastrophe since the South Sea Bubble.annasoubryRemainers don’t care what they do or who they hurt.  Ordinary people must never, ever, get their rights back.  Brexit must fall.  Because it is the only way that George Osborne, Anna Soubry,  Chuka, the Blairites, and all the friends of George will ever get back into power.

Who’s going to take them on with me?  Are you all up for it??

6 responses to “Remainers know to get back into power Brexit and economy must fail

  1. Remember it is a difficult path to dislodge something or someone who to a point are untouchable and do or say what they want .

  2. Boris is hugely positive about Brexit, Philip Hammond does nothing but attack Brexiteers, talk down Brexit non-stop. May worked at the B of England for years, they are risk averse.

  3. Time to destroy the BBC. It’s loathing of the electorate is wearing the country down.

    Boris not being the PM is costing the country a fortune

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