Sex trade operating while teenage boys raped in Calais jungle

After the rape of a female journalist at knife point by three migrants in the Calais jungle, more details of abuse surface, this time of teenage boys.  Aid workers report that teenage boys are being raped so badly, some require surgery.calaismigrantsAid workers have reported that as well as rapes, a sex trade is operating in the camp, with children as young as 13 asking for condoms.

Three UK bound Afghans were responsible for the gang rape and police are still seeking the men responsible. Not one child from most vulnerable group brought to England!

On Good Morning Britain today, Piers Morgan bullied the MP David Davies who has complained that refugees as old as 38 have pushed their way to the front of the queue, while babies and toddlers are left behind.   Piers snootily condemned Mr. Davies’ request that the migrants are X rayed to check their ages.  Clearly Piers had done no research and didn’t know that young boys are being raped in the camp,  and in view of the flourishing sex trade,  STD checks might be a good idea.

Today Euronews reported that aid workers are appalled at the lack of organisation and are pleading for checks and medical help.  The French have refused a desperate plea for more time to segregrate the most vulnerable.  French police are bussing them out all over the country, but aid workers say they only come back again, it’s a waste of time!  Does Home Secretary Amber Rudd even know of the risks and dangers attached to the camp?

Young woman raped by five men  as police close down by Calais Jungle.

3 responses to “Sex trade operating while teenage boys raped in Calais jungle

  1. The Current Home Secretary is as incompetent as the former Home Secretary

  2. It’s possible the migrants we import will do the same to our people I doubt anyone in government will be raped!!

  3. Appalling that there is no child care to protect children in the Calais Camp and appalling that men are getting over here, leaving young children behind. Why don’t they put the men at the back of the queue and take young kids first?

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