Why Boris wrote that Remain article

The worst smears of another Remainer campaign are bouncing off Boris like surf off a baby seal.  Impossible, when reading his Remain article to conclude that he is anything but a responsible, deeply thoughtful politician.borisfo7Boris wanted to see if he could write a strong convincing article for Remain, says Political Editor Leo McKinstry, but he  found he couldn’t.  As Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson has also deduced,  he took the time to look at all the arguments.  and is clearly unconvinced by Remain.

In the Brexit fight, Boris daily endured the vilest of smear campaigns  with dignity, rising above them without a word.  His courage and conviction were outstanding.  As a result, Labour  voters flocked to his side.

Boris brings a unique range of talents to political life, says Leo McKinstry. A brilliant journalist and historian, he has inherited the ability of his artist mother.  It’s precisely because he is so gifted that he arouses such jealousy.borismann

The efforts to bring him down might also be something to do with his ability to effortlessly connect with people, charming, amusing but most of all, inspiring them.  No politician has fended off more attacks than he, and tellingly, he has never lost an election.

Boris defies logic.  Strike him down and he rises up more powerful.

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