Brexit hate crime hysteria is a cynical Remainers lie

Brendan O’Neil of Spiked has confirmed, as I wrote on 11th September 2016, what Dan Hannan reported on the hate crime figures. The police log reports of hate crime, but when tested, these figures of actual crime don’t show a rise.  But Remainers continue to accuse Brexit of every type of hate crime, including homophobia. borisgayadBrendan says:  Has there ever been a crime panic as flimsy, as see-through, as explicitly designed to make political mileage as the post-Brexit hate-crime hysteria? Too many people are nodding along to this nonsense, accepting as hard fact every doom-tinged utterance from the police and evidence-lite statement from the Home Office.

They repeat and tweet every claim from officialdom about ‘soaring hatred’ since the 23 June referendum, and hold it up as proof that the vote to leave the EU unleashed the latent xenophobia and even homophobia of Them: those sections of society that are Eurosceptical and therefore evil. Enough.

This is a moral panic, plain and simple: a naked example of the kind of ‘crime construction’ by the powers-that-be that liberals and leftists might once have critiqued, back when they were more questioning.  Read the rest of the article here.

We are not a racist country.  Before Brexit, there was racism in Paris, not London.  We are a tolerant and well integrated nation and the concern over immigration is numerical, not racist.

Anna Soubry and other MPs apologised to Leavers for their vile accusations after the Referendum.  Amber Rudd expressed herself clumsily at the Tory Conference, and there was a storm of protest from Leave voters, all of whom insisted they did not approve of her phrasing nor her plan to make lists.

We want to be part of Europe, we have shared responsibilities and concerns. By sinking to these awful smears, Remainers are saying far more about themselves than they will ever say about us.

2 responses to “Brexit hate crime hysteria is a cynical Remainers lie

  1. Please just stop the numbers comeing in let us be the judge of who comes here racism is an excuse used by a few!!!

  2. Using the RCP as a factual source is priceless, especially when you bemoan the Left in your drivel of a piece.

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