If run like a GE, Brexit would have won by miles, says Frederick Forsyth

Writer Frederick Forsyth points out in the Daily Express that if the Brexit campaign had been run like a GE, Brexit would have won by a landslide.  He says:boriscampaign7“THE last few Remain-in-the-EU fanatics continue to wail for a second referendum on the grounds that the “Let’s Leave” margin was not big enough. The same crew claim it should be Parliament that makes the decision. At the University of East Anglia some bright spark has worked this out.

If the campaign had been conducted like a general election with just two parties competing, and using the first past the post system we always use in general elections, the Brexit Party would have won 421 seats.  Remain won only 229 seats.”

That’s not a margin, that’s a landslide. So please shut up. It’s a done deal, democratically achieved.  For rest of Mr. Forsyth’s article, click here and scroll down.

These figures were later revised by the University of East Anglia.  but according to them 401 MPs still represent constituencies that voted Leave.  63% of all constituencies are Leave constituencies. 70% of Labour constituencies are Leave constituencies.   In a General Election, that is a landslide victory.

3 responses to “If run like a GE, Brexit would have won by miles, says Frederick Forsyth

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  2. 421 seats out of 650 is an outstanding result! So in all those constituencies, the majority voted Brexit!

    This should shut up the Remainers. I say “should” because frankly most of them so bitter and twisted, I don’t think anything would.

  3. Maybe government will stop dithering and Get on with the job of getting us out ASAP !!!

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