Boris to host summit over Syria on Sunday in London, including Kerry

We  could get a better deal than the single market, said optimistic Boris Johnson, but there will be hassle and it will take time.  Boris, as we know,  has never been keen on gloomadon poppers.

boriscommittee2Boris was being questioned by the Foreign Affairs Select committee for the first time since joining the government as Foreign Secretary.  We will get back our sovereignty and control over immigration he said, but that doesn’t mean talented people will be barred from filling jobs here.  The important thing is it will be our decision, not the EU’s.

On Syria, Boris said it is time for new strategies.  He said he is open to anything. The Government had just said there are no new strategies, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be soon.

Vladimir Putin has just hit the roof at Boris’s warning that his once great nation might become a pariah if he continued his “barbaric practices.”  In a rather theatrical overreaction, Putin told all Russian families with children in foreign schools to bring them back to Russia immediately.

Last night on Newsnight, Emily Maitlis did all she could without success to get a Russian attache to criticise Boris.  She finally asked outright, will Boris Johnson be welcome in Moscow?  The inscrutable Slavic reply was Yes.  No progress has been made as yet.  But at least they are in no doubt who Boris is.

Update:   The Foreign Secretary sought to galvanise the West to act to “end the hell” in the besieged city of Aleppo and other parts of the war-ravaged country. He says talks with Russia over Syria have “run out of road.”

He is to host an emergency summit of foreign ministers, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, in London on Sunday to discuss the crisis as the death toll in Aleppo rises.

“We have to do something,” Mr Johnson told MPs.


2 responses to “Boris to host summit over Syria on Sunday in London, including Kerry

  1. The norm leave it up to the politicians they will take us to war as normal!!!

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