Putin explodes as Boris’s speech is played regularly on Euronews

Boris has certainly stirred up the Russian Bear!  The wells of outrage are growing exhausted, said Boris about Aleppo in his first Commons address since he became Foreign Secretary.   Aleppo faces annihilation. borisaleppo2 In a passionate, memorable speech, he urged for Stop the War demonstrations in protest to be held outside the Russian Embassy.

In a flash there were tweets from the Russian Embassy, expressing their outrage that they were actually being challenged.  They pointed out the humanitarian aid they have donated to the Syrians.   But Euronews has been running extracts from Boris’s speech every half hour, saying that “the attack on the convoy has been attributed to the Russians, and this is a war crime.”   Boris’s most powerful accusation was endlessly repeated.  The great Russian nation is about to become a pariah.

Flicked on the raw, Putin exploded,  denying all accusations.   He condemned Boris’s call for a demo as “provoking Russophobia”, but cornered over his blocking of the UN motion for an end to the bombing, his defence was weak – the West had deliberately brought this motion knowing he would block it!

The riposte was almost childish!  You made me do it!  Why did no-one talk to me about this? he shouted.  Maybe the Russian Bear has to growl before a dialogue can begin.

3 responses to “Putin explodes as Boris’s speech is played regularly on Euronews

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