May silent as Hammond launches vicious attack on the three Brexiteers

PM May’s claim that she is a passionate Brexiteer is looking a bit moth eaten, as another rabidly pro Remain attack from Philip Hammond went unreprimanded. Hammond attacks David Davis for angering Merkel?  Whose side is he on? Then Liam Fox and Boris got it in the neck.borisfoxdavis.jpg

The Sun reported: “And his comments come after all three have received rebukes from Theresa May in recent weeks for going off-message about Brexit.”  The odd thing is that Remainer Philip Hammond, and friend of George,  goes off message about Brexit all the time, and Mrs. May never says a word!

Wouldn’t you think that when Hammond uttered the incendiary words “We need the single market, we might have to compromise on immigration”, Mrs. May would have told him to keep his nose out? Not a chance.

I thought Mrs. May pledged to fulfill the will of the British people over Brexit?  Not the will of Philip Hammond?

There also seems to be strategy going on to weaken the Brexit Three by making them fight amongst themselves.  That was foiled when they all had tea together and knocked on the head the smears about “turf wars”.   The keys to Chevening have still not been given out, the excuse being that there is no agreement on how to share the place. But the three Ministers aren’t fighting!  Liam Fox says he isn’t interested, and David Davis says he is relaxed about the whole thing.

So Philip Hammond has waded in with a lot of silly remarks.  David Davis is too tough!  (That is a minus?).  Boris is too optimistic over negotiations. (Bojo has a superb record in raising foreign investment and creating deals, should you be teaching him to suck eggs?) And Liam Fox should be kept out of the negotiations, they should be handled by Mrs. May, an ex Remainer who has never conducted a negotiation like Boris has, at world level, in her life.

Mr. Hammond, the three Brexiteers fought like hell for the poorest in this country, particularly Boris.  They gave everything!  They are all we have and we trust them all.  They are too smart to fight with you, but there will be riots in the streets and the people of this country will demand your resignation if you continue to peddle the Remain agenda.

3 responses to “May silent as Hammond launches vicious attack on the three Brexiteers

  1. There is a brooding hurt mp waiting in the wings. A huge bust up can happen at any moment.

    May’s record: she is seen as being indecisive! Her inability to lead has forced her to bow to Hammond and what she perceives as safety.
    (Hammond the remainer poodle his sole function is to control May).

    There are 199 remainers who want to rock the apple cart, many of whom come from constituencies which voted Brexit so they could be loosing their seats in the next election.

    May is talking the talk, appears to be purposefully dithering at the request of the remainer who gave her the keys to number ten. The electorate are getting frustrated and want action. May allowing France to wag the tail, is upsetting people. The Brexiteers are not able to retrieve the situation and they are getting damed for her incompetence. May was supported by the MSN. (They back people that they can manipulate. Backing from them is the kiss of death).

    GB urgently needs a referendum and a parliament that reflects the will of the people only proportional representation will achieve that

    • Mmm interesting. As you say, the Brexiteers are not in a position to do anything – right now! Announced on the news, May is going to handle the Brexit negotiations, with no record of negotiating anything. Surely huge risk?

      Who is the brooding hurt MP waiting the wings, don’t think it is Bojo, he knows how to bide his time.

      Seems to me May is using Hammond to provoke the Brexiteers so one or all of them resigns. They won’t. They are on to her strategy.

  2. Eurozone banks are in deep deep trouble, says Goldman Sachs, no wonder Juncker and co. are panicking that we are leaving.

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