Thirty furious countries attack EU for “punish UK” threat!

Thirty outraged countries laid into the EU for threatening to “punish Britain for leaving” by preventing them from trading with us.    Quite possibly,  the EU is out of order, because the threat is likely to be illegal anyway.  EU chiefs are now facing potential multi-billion pound lawsuits from countries who do not believe the EU can dictate to them in this way.hollande4This is just another example of Brussels’ petty bureaucracy and overwhelming EU interference, one of many.     Recently Juncker was threatening our free press.  They were told they were not allowed to report if the  perpetrators of terror attacks were Muslims.  Rightly, they were told to take a walk.

The threat to punish Britain has backfired bigtime.  Thirty countries have told Brussels “Punish Britain and we will punish you!” It’s time the EU realised that  their plan to destroy this country for leaving the EU is not only petty and vindictive, it also could lead to very nasty consequences from countries who joined the EU specifically to trade with Britain.

The problem of course, is the EU is terrified it won’t be able to function without our funding.  The EU’s tendency to behave more and more like the dictator of a Latin American banana republic will, in the end, wreck the entire eurozone.

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