Winning over Labour voters won’t be easy, Mrs. May

It is hugely welcome that Theresa May intends to take more notice of public concerns, while building on the values of fairness and opportunity.  It’s clear that a huge section of the population felt ignored by the last government and the PM intends to put that right.  Mrs. May obviously intends to pitch for the traditional Labour vote that tipped the balance for Brexit.borisconferencebham5But promises aren’t enough, Labour voters aren’t fools.  Boris Johnson has always attracted a lot of Labour voters.  They voted for him as Mayor, because of his record of social justice and they flocked to him in droves when he campaigned for Brexit. Boris could have taken a plum job in the Cameron government, with no effort at all, if he joined the then PM and backed Remain.  Instead he took a huge gamble and risked everything to fight for the rights of ordinary people.  If Brexit had lost, he would have been stuck on the back benches with the government in the driving seat.  So traditional Labour voters  knew he genuinely cared when they trusted him with their votes.mayjob4Mrs. May has yet to prove she has a similar rapport with working people, and so far Remainers Amber Rudd, Phillip Hammond, Liz Truss and co. ,  never mind Anna Soubry and Nickie Morgan, are likely to be viewed by Labour with incredulity.

Her record is of a shrewd tactician, who by sitting on the fence has smartly avoided alienating either side.  She is known for talking tough,  but taking the line likely to offend the least people.  Mrs. May’s record on immigration, a primary concern with the poorest, so far is not that good. To achieve change, you have to be hugely courageous, like Mrs. Thatcher, prepared to be disliked, even hated.

Boris went out and took a massive risk, accepting he was the face of Brexit who, if they lost, would be absolutely slaughtered.   With very little backup,  he led from the front, and fought like hell, taking the vilest abuse, to fight for his principles.  Would Mrs. May ever be prepared to do the same, must be the question every Labour voter will be asking themselves, if they are thinking of switching their vote to the Tories.

One response to “Winning over Labour voters won’t be easy, Mrs. May

  1. It isn’t easy to win Labour votes, not easy at all, and nothing in May’s record is likely to reassure Labour voters. Amber Rudd has handled the issue of immigration very clumsily, coming over like the Nazi Party!

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