Jam packed! Traffic chaos, but STILL Sadiq Khan won’t cap minicabs!

Every road in London is choked with minicabs, but still TfL are issuing minicab licences at a rate of 700 a month!  What is Sadiq Khan thinking?  Why does he not keep pushing  for the legislation that will allow him to impose a cap?sadiquberAs long as George Osborne was in government, no Mayor had a hope in hell of getting the legislation to cap minicabs.   Sadiq Khan lobbied the government while George was Chancellor, but he must have known the answer would be a big fat NO.  A black cab driver who is a member of the LTDA, told me Sadiq lobbied for the legislation, but was refused, when George was still Chancellor.

Boris Johnson wanted to regulate minicabs and he also wanted to impose a cap.  So firm was Boris that this was the right thing, George took the issue of Uber cabs away from him.

George was always the road block to a cap,  but that block has been removed.  Get on it Sadiq!  Rapes are up, the roads are choked and I cannot believe that this is a situation that Theresa May approves of!

It is good to have a cheaper option to black cabs, and minicabs fill that niche.  Now that they are regulated, the safety issue is being taken care of.  But there are 23,000 black cabs on the roads now, where is the sense in having at least twice that number of minicabs,  choking up the traffic?

It’s like immigration.  Immigration is great, and a certain amount can only be beneficial.  But you can have too much of a good things, and considering all the accidents and sex attacks from minicab drivers, an endless stream of their cabs is asking for trouble.

4 responses to “Jam packed! Traffic chaos, but STILL Sadiq Khan won’t cap minicabs!

  1. Well elected Ho Ho ho

  2. George Osborne is another Tony Blair out to line their own pockets

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